Day: December 24, 2023

‘Micro-dosing for Wellness’ and other Benefits of Mushrooms

Ever hit a spot in your spiritual or emotional or physical journey where nothing seems to move forward no matter how much work you put in.

Experience the vibrance of heightened senses taking you on a fun filled adventurous journey leading to spiritual growth and increased enthusiasm towards life.

What is Micro dosing? Micro dosing is a technique where one achieves controlled euphoria through dose condensation present in magic mushroom edibles. Taking mushrooms at a specific time of the day in a timely manner i.e once in every 3 days has proven to show some incredible results in the overall well-being of individuals. Taking one mushroom gummy/chocolate block of a known dose of 1-3 mg of mushroom extracts once in 3 days before noon is called micro dosing. Natural stimulants like magic mushrooms have their basis of origin in many cultures and were previously used in celebrations and rituals of many ethnicities.

magic mushrooms

The results show that many people who use mushroom extracts have reported increased focus in work during the day and also increased energy levels resulting in overall well-being. Few benefits of taking magic mushrooms in micro doses as a stimulating agent are listed below:

  • For people who have experienced trauma for prolonged periods of time clinically tend to show symptoms of tiredness, lethargy and diminished activity of senses. The exhaustion from overactivity of the brain causes one to show delayed responses in eyesight hearing etc. Hence, mindful use of magic mushroom bars and gummies with dose condensation has allowed people to regain their original strengths and abilities and unlock natural potential.
  • Mental illnesses like anxiety and depression decrease the levels of focus in individuals. Therefore neural stimulants like nootropics, adaptogens & tryptamines when mixed in a potent combination similar to the ones found in the natural mushrooms are helpful with mental disorders. This is where Micro-dosing with mushroom gummies comes in handy where the external pressures do not allow the individuals with the necessary space and time to heal and grow.
  • Improved focus and mood boosting after effects are the added benefits of using mushrooms for controlled elevation that helps to restore normal bodily functions and reverse the effects of trauma over time. Hence allowing the individuals to experience happiness and mood boosting after effects where the individuals are now more in control of their well-being.

In conclusion, for a safe and reliable exposure to natural stimulants for Wellness’ one can choose edible mushrooms like gummies and bars to be a viable option.