Groom disappears on wedding day, arrives at venue after bride lodges FIR

Representational image. — Reuters/File
Representational image. — Reuters/File
  • The groom appears when the bride’s family decides to lodge an FIR against him. 
  • The bride’s family accuses him of cheating on her.
  • The marriage ceremony happens later at night.

DHANBAD: A bride in India was almost stood-up by her to-be husband until the groom showed up when her family reached the police station to file a complaint against him, reported India Today.

Due to the groom’s delay, the bride’s family accused him of cheating on her. However, interestingly, the marriage ceremony was still performed later at night.

According to the girl, the groom refused to marry last year when the date was decided.

The two families agreed to the date, March 25, at Dhanbad Mahila Police Station.

When the bride’s family accused him of cheating on her, the family of the bride decided to reach the police station to lodge an FIR against him immediately. 

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