Saudi government places restrictions on volume of speakers in mosques

A congregational prayer (Left), speakers of a mosque (Right).  — Reuters/AFP.
A congregational prayer (Left), speakers of a mosque (Right).  — Reuters/AFP.
  • Loudspeakers can only be used for call to prayer and Iqaamat.
  • Volume cannot exceed one-third of capacity.
  • Prayer cannot be broadcasted live. 

The Saudi government recently issued a set of instructions for mosques to follow in the month of Ramadan, including restrictions on the volume of loudspeakers during the call to prayer.

Loudspeakers cannot be used except to make the call for prayer and Iqaamat (the second call to prayer given right before the prayer starts), Gulf News reported.

If the speakers are used in any of these two instances, their volume cannot exceed one-third of their total capacity.

The instructions also restrict the Arab media from broadcasting live transmissions of the prayer in Ramadan.

The Imam (one who leads the prayer) and those who pray behind him cannot be recorded through cameras installed in the mosque either. 

The government further instructed the individuals and private organisations that provide Iftar (meal at the end of a fast) to refrain from wasting food or spending money unnecessarily. 

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