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The wrestler was seen checking his teeth even though the punch wasn’t real. This was due to Tyson’s reputation as the hardest punching boxer in history, despite not being as huge or intimidating as most other heavyweights.

Tyson’s punching power won him several world championships and an unmatched legacy. This is because he could use it in an unpredictable manner; from any side, middle- or close-range, and at any time to knockout his opponent.

2. George Foreman

While he’s known mainly for his cooking grills today, it wasn’t too long ago that George Foreman was considered to be the hardest hitting boxer in history. He was also considered to be a favourite against the legendary Muhammad Ali.

Foreman was believed to be one of the few men who could defeat Ali, if he took his training more seriously.

Foreman was always praised for his effortlessness in knocking out opponents. He made it look very easy, even as he fought youngsters in his mid-40s. He wasn’t as skilled as some of the other hard hitting GOATs but he had raw power.

As a result of this, Foreman had a long and impressive run in boxing, having competed at the top level in three different decades. 

3. Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder is the most recent contender as the hardest hitting boxer of all time. He may have had a rough run after competing against Tyson Fury thrice, but there’s no doubt that he can knock out his opponent’s lights out 9 times out of 10.

He has the greatest knockout percentage in the history of the sport, with the number maxing out at 95% at a time.

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