Type 1 diabetes: All patients in England to be offered ‘transformational’ wearable tech | UK News

All patients with Type 1 diabetes in England are to be offered wearable technology to monitor their blood sugar levels in seconds.

The gadget, the size of a £2 coin, sits on a patient’s arm and constantly checks their glucose levels.

With an app, the user can scan the monitor in a second and get a reading which tells them whether or not their blood sugar levels are at an appropriate level.

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The monitors are to be rolled out to all Type 1 patients when previously only three in five were eligible.

Diabetes UK said the decision was “transformational” for people with the condition.

Its chief executive Chris Askew, said: “What we are seeing today is a key shift in thinking – a move to recognising that technology is an integral part of diabetes management, not simply an added luxury.”

Dr Paul Chrisp, director of the centre for guidelines at Nice, said: “Many people find finger-prick testing to be painful and time-consuming and the introduction of technology for all people living with Type 1 diabetes will reduce this considerably.”

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Professor Partha Kar, national NHS specialty adviser for diabetes, for the health service in England, added: “These monitors are a win win – they support diabetes patients to live healthier lives, reduce their risk of hospitalisation while also helping to reduce pressure on NHS services and provide better value for money for taxpayers.”

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition which cannot be prevented and accounts for about 8% of all diabetes cases.

So-called flash monitoring helps to improve blood glucose levels in sufferers and also has a positive effect on their quality of life, according to a study presented at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2022 this week.

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