Asim Abbasi shares unseen pictures

Asim Abbasi’s directorial, Cake, has completed its four years. The family drama film, starring Aamina Sheikh and Sanam Saeed in pivotal roles, boasted of a fresh and realistic portrayal of family dynamics and relationships. Now, the director is reminiscing the memorable time he had spent with the cast and crew of his first-ever feature film. 

Abbasi took to Instagram and shared a carousel of BTS photos taken during the shooting of Cake. 

“4 years since my first feature as a writer/director hit the cinemas,” he penned. Adding on, Abbasi shared, “Since… I have aged and died manifolds, with each new project. But I have also lived a thousand lives, with each new project. The beauty of filmmaking for me is how the joy and the pain, always walk hand in hand.”

Talking about the pictures, he commented, “Here’s a random photo dump from the Cake shoot. (The first shot has everyone watching a playback of the oner. The last shot has the boys from the not-so-successful boy band that emerged from the film). Everyone who was a part of this remains a part of me. For now and forever.”

Back in 2018, Abbasi has previously spoken about the meaning behind the film’s title. Reiterating the idea, he said, “Cake is like a silent observer at every big moment of our lives. It will be interesting to see how many times the audience will see a cake popping up in the frame.”

But as to why he went with a name that doesn’t answer questions (about the film’s nature, story or genre) as much as it raises them, he said, “Everyone approaches material differently. For me, having a clear-cut film name was never a thing. I don’t like being direct and giving answers. A film has to have a life beyond two hours in the cinema. I want viewers to carry Cake with them after the film is over.”

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