Chris Rock Never Asked If Will Smith Should Be Removed From Oscars sources – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: While Will Packer told Good Morning America this morning that Will Smith was not removed from the Oscars because Chris Rock didn’t want that, Deadline hears from reliable sources that this not the case.

We’re told that Packer is conflating this from a conversation that happened after Smith slapped him onstage, where Rock told Packer he did not want to press charges. Had he chosen to do that, the LAPD would have removed Smith and arrested him. Had Packer asked Rock if he wanted Smith removed from the building, he might have gotten a different answer. The question of where Smith should have been left in place to receive his Best Actor Oscar and give a speech where he apologized to everyone but Rock, this was never asked of the comedian. Packer conveyed his version of events to the Academy, and no action was taken. The problem with all this is that the onus has been placed at the feet of Rock for Smith not being ejected from the Oscars, which is not the case, sources said. Rock was never asked that question by Packer.

Because Smith was not removed in the moment, this drama that has marred the Oscarcast continues to be fueled by tweets and media interviews, and is playing out like the Kurosawa movie Rashomon,  in terms of who said what in those tumultuous moments.


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