Oscar for Best Director, Jane Campion, became the third woman to triumph

The power of the dog , one of the great favorites that had been reaping a good number of awards throughout the year, almost went empty at  the 94th edition of the Oscars : twelve nominations and multiple disappointments with each decision. 

An unfortunate Will Smith is grabbing an Oscar from Benedict Cumberbatch ahead, Ariana DeBose ahead of Kirsten Dunst’s veteran, and  CODA  being the best film of the year for the Academics. Luckily,  the Best Direction statuette for Jane Campion  is the only thing that has gone well for the story produced by Netflix.

 In the Best Director category, The New Zealander made history by becoming the third woman to win an award. Although Katheryn Bigelow was the first for  The Hostile Land  and Chloé Zhao did the Similarly, with Nomadland last year, Campion had already been nominated for a 1994 Oscar for The Piano, which became what it was then the second female to be nominated for the award after  Lina Wertmüller in 1976 thanks to  Pascualino Seven Beauties . Finally, almost 30 years later, the director wins a well-deserved honor that has prevented the excellent western  The Power of the Dog  from going empty.

It was the most selected of the night, and so far, in the end, it has not won the most prestigious recognition, nor is it the one that has collected the most trophies. Apart from the role of  CODA Dune  is the one that has been on stage the most times , with a total of 6 considerations by the Academy. Of course, most of them are technical:  Best Photography, Editing, Soundtrack, Production Design, Sound, and Visual Effects.

The Jane Campion thing was one of the  “safest” awards of the night for critics . The director’s tour of the leading film festivals has been completely overwhelming. Nevertheless, she took home the Silver Lion in Venice, was awarded at the Critics Choice and was praised at the BAFTAs, the Directors Guild of America, and the convalescent Golden Globes. After receiving the award, she was very concise in her speech but grateful to his, dedicating the victory to the entire team, producer, partner, and daughter.  “I love directing because it allows you to delve into a reality and make a story possible,”  said an emotional Campion, who also wanted to praise the writer’s work of the homonymous novel on which the film is based,  Thomas Savage.

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