PM won’t accept ‘imported govt’, calls supporters to protest

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he was “disappointed” by the Supreme Court’s ruling against his government but he accepted the ruling because he held the top court in high esteem.

“I am disappointed by the Supreme Court ruling but I accepted it because I participated in movement for the restoration of judiciary,” said the premier while addressing the nation on Friday – eve of voting on no-confidence motion against him in National Assembly.

The prime minister said he was saddened by the apex court’s verdict which set aside National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri’s ruling to dismiss the no-trust resolution against him and the subsequent dissolution of the lower house of parliament by President Arif Alvi on the premier’s advice.

The apex court should’ve at least seen the ‘threat letter’ before issuing the verdict, he said.

“We also hoped that Supreme Court would also take suo motu notice against horse-trading… everyone knows how lawmakers’ conscience were purchased through money,” he remarked.

The 5-0 ruling ordered parliament to reconvene on Saturday (tomorrow), no later than 10:30am, saying that the session could not be prorogued without the conclusion of the no-trust motion against PM Imran.

“It is declared that the resolution was pending and subsisting at all times and continues to so remain pending and subsisting.”

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The apex court ruled that President Alvi’s decision to dissolve the National Assembly was also “contrary to the Constitution and the law and of no legal effect”. It noted that the prime minister could not have advised the president to dissolve the assembly as he continued to remain under the bar imposed under Clause (1) of Article 58 of the Constitution.

The court’s verdict restored the prime minister and his cabinet to their positions. “In consequence of the foregoing, it is declared that the prime minister and federal ministers, ministers of state, advisers, etc. stand restored to their respective offices.”

What is cypher?

PM Imran, in tonight’s address, said he could not disclose full text of the ‘threat letter’ before the nation as it is a top secret coded document known as ‘cypher’.

“The document contains a secret code which could jeopardise the communications of our diplomats across the world,” he added.

“I will never accept the ‘imported’ government and I will take to the streets,” said premier while referring to the opposition’s no-confidence motion which is likely to remove him from power and set to take place tomorrow in the lower house of parliament.

“They will end accountability drive by abolishing NAB [National Accountability Bureau]… and reverse electoral reforms including overseas voting rights,” said the premier while urging opposition parties to agree to his demand of early elections.

PM Imran at the end of his speech asked his supporters to stage protests across the country when the “new imported government” comes into power on Sunday.

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Earlier, PTI Senator Faisal Javed Khan said in a tweet that Prime Minister Imran will address the nation live at 9:30pm.

A day after Supreme Court set aside National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri’s ruling and ordered vote on opposition’s no-confidence motion, Senator Faisal Javed said PM Imran knows how to deal with the challenges.

“Apparently, the opposition thinks it has won but that is not the case. They [opposition] have lost. Mark my words time will tell the captain [PM Imran] will make an important announcement this evening – he will never disappoint his people,” he wrote on his official Twitter handle.

‘Govt is not going anywhere’

Meanwhile, PM Imran has once again said that come what may he will not step down or let his government to be toppled through “foreign conspiracy”.

According to the sources, he made these remarks during a meeting of the parliamentary party members of ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), held in Islamabad earlier today.

The huddle reviewed the country’s political situation and decided to intensify the mass-contact campaign by holding rallies in all districts of Pakistan to inform the public about the alleged foreign plot being hatched to dislodge the incumbent government.

“Shahbaz Sharif will not be able to wear Achkan (sherwani suit)… we are not going anywhere… en masses resignation from assembly will be tantamount to making foreign conspiracy successful,” the premier was quoted by insiders as saying during the meeting.

The prime minister also chaired a meeting of federal cabinet.

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