LHC orders opening of Punjab deputy speaker’s office


The Lahore High Court (LHC) issued orders on Monday for the opening of the office of the Deputy Speaker of Punjab Assembly, Dost Mazari, on the petitions that challenged the delay in the election of the new chief minister.

During hearing of the petitions, filed by Deputy Speaker Mazari and opposition leader Hamza Shehbaz, LHC Chief Justice Ameer Bhatti directed that the deputy speaker would go to his office, accompanied by the LHC registrar and the assembly secretary.

Deputy Speaker Mazari appeared in the court. He told the chief justice that what he did was in accordance with the law. He requested the court that the assembly secretary should not be present during the election of the chief minister.

However, the chief justice responded that the deputy speaker should carry out the court’s order, which had been given during the hearing. He added that the court would decide in the next hearing what would be the powers of the deputy speaker and how those powers would be exercised.

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Amir Saeed Raan, the lawyer for the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) claimed that the powers of the deputy speaker were revoked because of “fraudulent” acts. However, the lawyer for the PML-Nawaz and the lawyer for the deputy speaker protested against the use of inappropriate language.

The Punjab advocate general told the court that the assembly session had been adjourned because of commotion in the house. However, the chief justice said that it did not mean that the session should not be held. He asked if some people gather outside, would the assembly go home.

Chief Justice Bhatti remarked that the advocate general should not speak in the court about the matters that took place inside assembly. The chief justice also clarified that if any member was to be suspended, it would be after the election of the chief minister.

Earlier, the court gave an opportunity to the PML-N and PML-Q to hold consultations on the election of chief minister, however, the talks remained fruitless. Later, the lawyers started arguments on the petitions, which would continue till Tuesday (today).



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