Richard Keys and Andy Gray row over Erling Haaland transfer after Jadon Sancho comparison

Pundits Richard Keys and Andy Gray have clashed after discussing Erling Haaland’s £51million switch to Manchester City, which was confirmed on Tuesday afternoon

Erling Haaland is set to join his old Borussia Dortmund team-mate Jadon Sancho in the Premier League
Erling Haaland is set to join his old Borussia Dortmund team-mate Jadon Sancho in the Premier League

Pundits Richard Keys and Andy Gray got into a heated debate as they discussed Erling Haaland’s blockbuster move to Manchester City – with Keys insisting that Haaland still has to ‘prove himself’ just like his old Borussia Dortmund team-mate, Jadon Sancho.

City confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that they had agreed a deal ‘in principle’ with Dortmund worth £51million to sign Haaland. The 21-year-old was one of Europe’s most coveted stars after firing 85 goals in just 88 games for Dortmund, but a release clause enabled City to pull off the heist of the century by luring him to the Etihad for a knockdown fee.

But despite the duo agreeing that City had bagged a bargain, Keys was adamant that Haaland still has to prove that he is “the real deal”. And to emphasise his point, Keys outlined that Sancho was billed as a “boy wonder” before joining Manchester United last summer but has flopped in the Premier League.

Speaking on beIN SPORTS, Keys said: “In an open market he’s probably worth, what, £120m?” Gray was adamant, however, that Haaland was worth far more than that sum. He insisted: “No, he’s worth more than Harry Kane. He’s 21? 22?”

Keys added: “He certainly might be, Andy, but so was Jadon Sancho and he’s done nothing in his first year at Manchester United. I still think it isn’t a gamble, but we’re into the unknown. I don’t think he’s yet proven that he is the real deal.”

But Gray fired back, insisting that Haaland has already proven himself: “Well, listen, everywhere he’s been and gone, everywhere he’s been asked to step up and prove [himself], he’s done it. So far.

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Richard Keys and Andy Gray got into a fierce debate over Haaland



“This is his biggest challenge, the Premier League is his biggest challenge. And also, like I’ve said before, the thing you need to be sure of is that the team he’s joining fits you. That’s important for Haaland and I’m sure Guardiola has gone through and decided if he can get the best out of him. They did with Aguero, will they do with him? That’s the one thing we don’t know. But everything I’ve seen from him, he looks like the real deal.”

Keys retorted: “Aguero had a very difficult time when he first started working with Guardiola. Jesus was preferred. All I’m saying is Jadon Sancho came in as wonder boy, £80million, and he’s done nothing.”

Gray however defended Sancho, insisting: “I know Jadon Sancho might go on to be an amazing buy, but he joined a team going nowhere.”

But Keys continued: “There is that, but I think he’s got some work to do, and the jury is having a conversation. I will put to you the counter-argument that Sebastian Haller has done really well in the Champions League this year, but he didn’t do very well in the Premier League.”

Unsurprisingly, Gray was unimpressed by the mention of Sebastian Haller. He claimed: “You can’t say Sebastian Haller and him and put them in the same sentence,” to which Keys responded: “I don’t know!”

“Well you can’t. I’m telling you you can’t,” said Gray. Keys concluded: “I don’t know. I’m telling you the boy has something yet to prove. Yes you’d buy him for £61m, but there’s work to be done.”

But Gray grabbed the final word, insisting: “Anyone would have bought him for £150m. Tell me someone better,” before the row fizzled out.

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