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Warning: This article contains spoilers from the CW/Warner Bros. TV two-part season one finale of Naomi, ep. 12 “Ready or Not” and ep. 13 “Who Am I?”

Imagine finding out that your adopted parents took the lives of your biological parents.

Something that just was never in the DNA of Jonathan and Martha Kent, Superman’s down-to-Earth guardians.

But life can’t always imitate that of your mentor, the Man of Steel; a harsh truth that alien Naomi (Kaci Walfall) learned tonight on the two-hour season finale of the Ava DuVernay-Jill Blankenship co-created series.

But before we get there, in part one of the season finale, “Ready or Not”, our protagonist is given a locket by fellow alien Akira (Stephanie March), who was her mother’s friend. She’s re-building a ship to get Naomi back to her home planet, a mission her Earth parents Greg and Jennifer McDuffie (Barry Watson and Mouzam Makkar) don’t necessarily agree with.

Naomi goes on a road trip with her friend Annabelle to find the source of power; and they wind up a lush green meadow with flowers. It’s quite the  deja vu moment for our alien superhero. Gradually throughout the episode, she’s having memories of her childhood, remembering being blasted off her planet in a pod by her parents (Naomi is wrapped in satin gold, compare this to Superman who was wrapped in satin red, at least in the 1978 Richard Donner movie). This culminates with Naomi and Julian (Owen Harn) battling in the meadow. However, he’s powerless against her. It’s then that a door is revealed and she meets a spiritual version of her birth parents.

Her birth mother tells Naomi that they sent her to Earth as it was a place where there’s “a path of understanding of what went wrong on our planet.”

Naomi says she couldn’t find the power source, but it’s here that her parents reveal that she is the source of power that can save their planet, and she’ll need the lives of the 29; all of them.

“The fact that you’re listening to us means that someone has betrayed us,” warns mom. Hmmmm.

At the start of part 2, “Who Am I,” Naomi is recapping this whole encounter for Greg and Jennifer; that her mother warned that someone betrayed her and Naomi’s birth father.

All roads lead to Earth-29 where Naomi battles Brutas (Ray Porter), who is suppose to be the big bad villain. He’s set a trap, enclosing Greg, Jennifer, Akira, Dee and Zumbado in a lower bunker in order to lead Naomi toward a portal that would take her to Earth-29.

Going through, she squares off with Brutas. Namoi is convinced that he killed her parents. However, Brutas confesses, he did not. He goes to battle her with his dagger, but Naomi is the stronger…so much stronger that after she blasts him to the ground, the planet begins to replenish and possesses its full red-orange appearance; looking like it did before the Tear. Akira and Zumbado (Cranston Johnson) come to assist Naomi in the fight against Brutas. However, Akira stays behind as the only way to destroy the portal is from the Earth-29 side.

Back on Earth, Dee (Alexander Wraith) and Zumbado talk with Naomi about finding the 29 and convincing them to join the fight against Brutas; he knows Naomi can beat him.

In the concluding moments, Naomi ventures into the woods with Jennifer and Greg. They’re going to bury the remaining part of Naomi’s ship. She touches it, and all these bad memories come flooding back about Jennifer and Greg killing her birth parents, and snatching little Naomi away.

“Your power was always the key to fixing the Tear,” says Jennifer. That’s why they did it!

“We tried to make your parents see, but no one would listen to us,” Greg defends.

“They left us no choice,” adds Jennifer.

“My whole life, every word you said was a lie,” exclaims Naomi.

And with that, teenage rebellion set in leaving us in a cliffhanger with our title superhero flying off.

All of this sets up an intriguing season 2, which we’re still waiting on from the CW: How evil is Brutas? And just how bad are Jennifer and Greg?

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