Heatwave hits most parts of the country

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) on Saturday forecast that a “heatwave like condition” is likely to persist in most parts of the country during the next week.

According to the met department, most parts of the country can expect a slight relief from the ongoing heat wave from May 14 (evening/night) till May 17 due to dust storms, gusty winds and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening/night. However, the day temperatures are likely to increase again from May 18. 

The PMD warned that the prevailing hot weather in the country may “cause water stress on water (reservoirs), crops, vegetable and orchards” and it might increase water and energy demand. 

The met department also warned that the hot temperatures are more likely to harm senior citizens and children and could cause heatstroke. 

Warning the citizens of the impacts of the hot weather on their health, the department advised the public to avoid “unnecessary exposure to direct sunlight and take precautionary measures.” The public is also advised to use water judiciously, it said. 

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