Michael Chandler shows off swollen finger after breaking hand before Tony Ferguson KO

Chandler produced a highlight-reel knockout against Ferguson at UFC 274 but the top lightweight sustained two nasty injuries during the win

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Michael Chandler has showed off the extent of his swollen finger after breaking his hand before knocking out Tony Ferguson at UFC 274.

Chandler produced one of the best knockouts in UFC history by rendering Ferguson unconscious with a devastating front kick in their lightweight fight last weekend. Ferguson went down in cringeworthy fashion as he lost his fourth consecutive fight in the promotion.

Since signing for the UFC last year, Chandler has quickly become a fan favourite because of his electrifying fight style. He didn’t exit the cage unscathed after his epic knockout in Phoenix, as he revealed he injured his hand backstage before the fight.

“I dislocated my ring finger about 20-30 minutes before the fight, blocking a kick,” Chandler said on The Pat McAfee Show. “My buddy Marquez, a great training partner of mine, he was throwing kicks.

Michael Chandler dislocated his finger against Tony Ferguson

His ring finger was visibly swollen

“I had this great idea. The warmup was already done, I’m going out in about 20 minutes and I said ‘throw some left high kicks at me, I want to block them and go body shot’ and he threw a normal kick like he’s done 1,000 times at me.

“I ended up going fingernail all the way back, bent it all the way back. At this point, we keep the adrenaline going I said ‘this ain’t a hand, it’s a hammer, we’ve got to go.

A dislocated finger isn’t the only injury Chandler sustained in the fight, as he revealed that his shinbone is likely fractured despite throwing just two kicks against Ferguson. Chandler admitted that he never practices his fight-winning front kick in training, because it usually hurts his foot.

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The win snapped a two-fight losing skid for Chandler, who called for a welterweight fight with Conor McGregor in his post-fight interview. McGregor’s rival Nate Diaz also pushed for his shot at Chandler, suggesting UFC 277 on July 30 as a potential date.

“UFC got me on ice for a year now, Chandler’s obviously ready to fight send a contract it’s time,” Diaz wrote as Chandler later replied: “I’m there. Quick turn around. Spin your head on its axis”.

Another potential opponent for Chandler is No.2 ranked lightweight Dustin Poirier, who mocked the fomrer Bellator champion for avoiding a fight with him. Before Chandler is to plot his next fight, he will have to undergo a 30-day medical suspension, MRI and CT scans.

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