‘Bold’ decisions inevitable to lift country out of crises: Imran

Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that it has become inevitable to govern the country in an “unprecedented way” to deal with the prevailing economic crisis.

“We have to take those steps that have not been taken ever due to public pressure and other reasons… in parliamentary democracy, coalition governments are very weak,” he said in an interactive session with interactive Zoom session with digital broadcasters and economic analysts on Tuesday.

Imran said taking “big and bold decisions” are need of the hour to stabilise the country’s economy particularly to stop the bleeding of public sector enterprises.

Since being ousted from power in April this year, Imran has time and again called upon the PML-N-led government to dissolve assemblies and hold transparent polls to save the country from “economic collapse”.

The former premier said for wealth creation the country would have to focus on increasing exports and remittances, adding the political stability and stable government required to steer the country out of the debt trap. “Political stability is linked with the economy… which is the only way to stop the rupee depreciation.”

He said investors’ confidence has been shattered “because no one knows how long this government will last”.

“Markets can sustain everything but uncertainty,” he added.

Moreover, Imran said the country is facing an external financing gap of $30 billion which he said is also the reason that value of the rupee was constantly depreciating against the dollar. “All these factors are putting pressure on the rupee.”

Social unrest

While responding to a question, Imran expressed fear that the economic condition is deteriorating with each passing day which could lead to “social unrest”.

“I am worried that Pakistan will descend into social unrest if elections are not held and If we don’t act fast, the game will be out of everyone’s hand,” he remarked.

The PTI leader said people are furious over the exorbitant increase in the tariff of electricity bills, flour and other essential commodities. “The sooner they hold elections, the easier it will be to recover from this crisis.”

Imran said those who wanted to run this system are only doing it for their own vested interests. “I will soon announce the future course of action as only early and transparent polls are the way forward.”

A day earlier, the PTI chief encouraged his party leaders and supporters to threaten back those threatening them from unknown numbers.

Invoking the mysterious figures of ‘Mr X’ and ‘Mr Y’, the PTI chief urged the party activists to smash “the idol of fear” and combat their threats with similar threats.

He said those trying to intimidate party cadres through calls from secret numbers will now be dealt with similar tactics.

“Break the idol of fear, this call that comes from an anonymous number to threaten. Give it back to them. They give threats, return those threats,” the ousted premier roared.

He also questioned on the Director General of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) decision of rebutting his statement about the army chief’s appointment, saying the DG ISPR should have at least understood what he said and what it meant.

In his speech at a public rally in Punjab’s Chakwal city, Imran said that he wanted the army chief’s appointment on merit, saying he had said that ex-premier Nawaz Sharif and ex-president Asif Ali Zardari could never do selection on merit as they were not even familiar with the concept of merit and can’t see beyond their families.

More to come…

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