Best Telugu Comedy Movies to Stream on aha

Comedy movies can bring joy and laughter to your face, even in the worst situations. There are many people who opt to watch Telugu comedy movies not only to pass their time but also to get rid of anxiety and depression. If you watch comedy telugu movies, you must subscribe to a top OTT site such as aha.

There are many Telugu comedy movies that you can watch on an OTT site, such as Wanted Pandugod, Pelli Kuturu Party, Dj Tillu and many more. In this particular guide, you will learn more about these top Telugu comedy movies in detail.

Top Telugu Comedy Movies to Stream

Some of the top Telugu comedy movies that you can choose to stream are as follows:

  • Wanted Pandugod

This is one of the latest Telugu comedy movies that you can watch on top OTT sites. The director of this movie is Sridhar Seepana, and the cast includes Sunil, Sudheer, Deepika Pilli, Srinivas Reddy, Vennela Kishore, Saptagiri, Thanikella Bharani, Shakalaka Shankar and many more.

This is a comical Telugu movie that will make you laugh a lot. The story revolves around Pandugadu, a criminal who escapes from prison and hides in the forest. The government announces a huge reward of a crore to whoever is able to catch him. You see several people embark on a journey to nab the criminal. Watch this Telugu movie on top OTT sites to learn what happens next.

This is one of the best comedy movies made in the South film industry, and to watch such movies online, you must visit an OTT site. This unique story takes you on a fun ride, and you get to know many characters. Their main aim is to catch the thief and get a reward. Plenty of comedy scenes will make you roll on the floor.

  • Pelli Kuturu Party

This is another Telugu comedy movie you can choose to watch with friends and family. The director of this movie is Aparna Malladi, and the cast includes Prince, Aneesha Dama, Arjun Kalyan, Seeta, Jayatri, Saikeerthan and Phani in lead roles. This is a hilarious Telugu movie that you cannot afford to miss.

Wanted PanduGod Movie: Showtimes, Review, Songs, Trailer, Posters, News &  Videos | eTimes

The movie is mostly about a spinster’s party and is an entertaining comedy movie that will make the youth love it. You will find various comedy lines, action scenes and family emotions in this movie. The movie begins with a marriage discussion, and the heroine’s elder sister looks to tie the knot, but Aneesha kisses the would-be husband of her sister. Aneesha realizes the mistakes and looks to change the bridegroom. Watch this movie on top OTT sites to learn what happens next.

Overall, this is easily one of the most entertaining movies you will watch. There are action and fun-filled scenes throughout the movie, and each character portrays their role well. You can watch this movie for a good laugh with your family.

  • Dj Tillu

This is one of the best comedy Telugu movies you watch that revolves around the life of a fun-loving DJ. The director of this Telugu movie is Vimal Krishna, and the cast includes Siddhu Jonnalagadda, Neha Shetty, Prince Cecil, Brahmaji and many more. This movie will provide you with many laughs and is a movie you cannot afford to miss watching.

The story revolves around DJ Tillu, a crazy local DJ who always stays high on life. On one fine day, he meets Radhika and falls in love with her; soon, she gets him involved in a murder case, and the remainder revolves around how DJ Tillu comes out of this big mess.

This is a good comedy movie where you can also find many serious scenes. The performance of Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Neha Shetty steals the show, and both have matured a lot as an actor. This movie also has many thrilling scenes; overall, it is a good Telugu movie that you can watch for some good laughs.

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